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About Company

    For twenty years we have been working in the industry field.
    We have been through experiences, overcome obstacles,
    developed solutions and trained generations of engineers and technicians.
    We have also offered sincere advice for all those who consulted us, and
    we have achieved massive accomplishments.
    Now, it is about time to incorporate all the previous achievements in an in an integrated organization,
    in order to present the essence of our experience to everyone. Hence, we have established Ejinco,
    in collaboration with the Chinese party, so as to bring the successful industrial Chinese experiment to Egypt,
    in addition to our great knowledge of the Egyptian market.
    The company’s activity will not be limited to serving the industry sector,
    but it will also include the petroleum sector, drilling deep water wells,container handling and stevedoring operations,
    logistics services including land and sea freight forwarding, which makes Ejinco and integrated organization serving the Egyptian economy.
    President .
    Mr. La Ding
    Eng. Abd El-Aziz Tama’a
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