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Ejinco International is an EJSC company (Egyptian Joint Stock Company), established by a group of national industrialists in partnership with the Chinese party.
The company’s activity includes – but not limited to the following
- General supplies
- General trading and distribution (Biodiesel and petrochemical)
- Import, export and commercial Agencies
- General, specialized, and integrated contracting
- Land and sea freight-forwarding services, and stevedoring
- Commercial brokerage
- Petroleum services which are supplementary to drilling and exploration operations
Our current and future vision is to support the industry sector in all its forms, whether the heavy or the medium industries, in addition to the small industries as well. This could be done by providing modern production lines, industrial equipment, consultancy, trainings, and economical feasibility studies for the current factory owners, and also for those who are willing to start working in the medium and small industries field. This field is essentially important in line with the developmental state policies in enhancing and developing that vital industry sector in Egypt, as it assists in creating millions of new job opportunities for the youth, and also in pushing-forward the manufacture and export wheel, which form one of the Egyptian economy pillars.
With regards to our great experience in the industry field, and because of all the obstacles and difficulties we have faced and managed to solve over the previous years, we have dedicated ha huge part of our efforts to provide the suitable technical and technological solutions through modern applications. These applications will be available for the first time in Egypt to support the national industry which is the pillar of the Egyptian economy, so that our products can be able to compete in the global markets with their high quality and reasonable price. Therefore, our beloved Egypt will rise to industrially and economically developed countries rank.
Finally… Long life Egypt with the minds and the hard work of its people.
Ejinco International


  • Economic consulting

    Economic consulting
    We provide to our client access to a worldwide investment and distribution network.

  • actual and real service

    Through our experienced staff of professionals, we guarantee high quality service.
    Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless Ejinco International Energy Group’s potential is to grow.
  • Inland shipping and shipping services

    We cover the entire range of shipping services as we handle all types of vessels such as container carriers, break bulk carriers
    We offer a complete range of logistic solutions at competitive prices,
  • Consulting

    Petroleum consulting services
    Support for petroleum drilling and exploration process
    Activation and Maintenance of Oil/Petroleum Wells
    Drilling equipment and Oil Pumps Maintenance Services
    Water Well Drilling and shallow wells neces


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General Trading

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Agricultural sector

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industrial sector

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Recycling and alternative energy

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about company

For twenty years we have been working in the industry field.
We have been through experiences, overcome obstacles,
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